A Fundraiser was organised in The Pavilions Shopping Centre on Saturday 1 April – staff and students took part by cycling and making a collection from shoppers – thanks to everyone who helped out on the day and made it such a success.  Click for photos


Well Done to the three students who sold the most Christmas Raffle Tickets – Faye Ward (middle) sold the most books, thanks to everyone for supporting the Christmas Raffle by buying tickets and donating spot prizes.

img_1900The Parents’ Association Christmas Raffel will take place on the 15 December 2016 – tickets will be distributed to each family and a letter from the Parents’ Association will accompany the tickets.  Sincere thanks to all the members of the committee for all their hard work and we hope that you can support the raffle.

Click here for Christmas-poster-2016



Remember the Parents Association is Your Association – Join Now and Play your Part

0512-next_page3_7fps[1]PARENT’S ASSOCIATION AGM

The Parent’s Association AGM is a really important meeting. Its purpose is to:

• Account for the work of the past year and celebrate that work

• Account for money received and spent

• Hold elections for the parent association committee

    The AGM of the Loreto College Swords Parents’ Association will be held on Monday 17th October 2016  at 8 p.m. in Loreto College Swords. This year’s speaker is Marguerite Kiely, Clinical Manager for Child and Adolescent clients with Pieta House. Marguerite will speak about self harm and suicide and how best we can support our children. She will also give information about the services provided by Pieta House. This is an opportunity for us as parents to improve our knowledge and understanding of these important issues.

 We look forward to welcoming you on the night.

  You can now find the Loreto College Parents’ Association  on Facebook. at

We encourage you all to attend and we thank the member of the parent’s association for all their hard work.

The parent’s association is the structure through which parents in our school can work together for the best possible education for their children. The parent’s association works with the principal, staff and the board of management to build effective partnership between home and school.

 In order to be effective, the parent’s association needs to have ways of

  • Consulting with parents, so that parents can express their views on school policy and matters relating to the school
  • Finding out from parents about the kinds of activities that will promote parental involvement and partnership for the benefit of the students
  • Finding out from pupils about how the parent association can be of help to them
  • Consulting with and advising the principal and the board of Management

 Can you give one hour a month to join our Parent’s Association?

 We meet the first Monday of every month except January where we discuss what is happening in the school and how we can help with events in the school.


The Loreto College Swords Parents’ Association operates within the guidelines of The Loreto College Swords Parents’ Association Constitution. (Copy available on request).

The goal of the Parents’ Association is to enhance the quality of the educational experience for all those associated with Loreto College.

The Association exists to:

  • Support and initiate activities which advance the aims and objectives of Loreto College without interference in the process of governance, management or internal day- to -day running of the school.
  • Develop good lines of communication which will allow a two-way flow of information between the committee, parents and other relevant bodies
  • Organise and support social and educational activities which are designed to develop and enhance relationships in the school community.
  • Raise funds for approved projects
    Membership of the Association is confined to parents and guardians of present pupils of the College, with the aim of having a representative from each of the years.

The Association meets in the school on the first Monday of every month. The meeting is structured and formal in that it follows an agreed Agenda, while at the same time having a relaxed atmosphere were everyone’s views and opinions are sought and welcomed. The Principal or Deputy Principal attends each meeting, providing updates on and seeking the views and opinions of the Association on matters of relevance. The Association and Board of Management meet annually and a member of the Board attends the Associations meeting once a quarter.

Would You Like To Help?

Are you in a position to support the Association and in doing so the College? This support can come in many forms:

  • New members are welcome onto the Committee
  • Volunteers are required for coaching and to accompany pupils to off site school activities
  • Sponsorship is required for various events during the year
  • Support of fund raising events.

If you wish to contact the Parents’ Association please leave a message with the College Secretary.