Our Sixth Year Class of 2018. –  We wish all our 6th Years the very best as they  get ready to leave secondary school and head out into the world – best of luck in your Leaving Certificate exams and best wishes for the future from all the staff.

 By all reckoning, the bumblebee is aerodynamically unsound and shouldn’t be able to fly. Yet, the little bee gets those wings going like a turbo-jet and flies to every plant its chubby little body can land on to collect all the nectar it can hold. Bumblebees are the most persistent creatures. They don’t know they can’t fly, so they just keep buzzing around. Like the lowly bumblebee, honored graduates, never give in to pessimism. Don’t know that you can’t fly, and you will soar like an eagle.  Earl Bakken





Leaving Certificate Class of 2018