The school Annual Prize-giving took place on Monday, 22 September at 9.40 .m.  This event recognises the fantastic achievement of so many of our students over the past Academic Year 2013/14 in their studies.  It also provides an opportunity for the school to introduce the new committees to the school community and to present them their badges.  Other achievements such as sporting and attendance are acknowledged later in the year.

The catering committee, the leadership committee , the sports committee, the Arts and Drama committee were all presented.  The class reps were also presented with the badges.  In the academic awards, ten Junior Certs and ten Leaving Certs were acknowledged for their exceptional results in the state exams.  All students who sat their exams were congratulated and the teachers were thanked for their dedicated hard work everyday.  A huge gratitude is owed to Ms Donna Graham who organised the whole event.


Ms Deirdre Scully with members of the Arts Committee


Academic Awards/Committees