Loreto College,  Swords

Re-opening Arrangements August 2021


Friday 27 August                    First Year Induction Day         8.45 – 1.00pm  (First Year Induction Booklet to be provided)  No Books Required

Monday, 30 August               1st and 6th Year Students only  8.45 – 1 p.m

 Tuesday, 31 August               1st, 6th,  2nd and 5th  Years       8.45  –  1 p.m                                                 

Wednesday, 1 September     All Years (including 3rd & 4th Year) 8.45  – 1.00p.m

Thursday, 2 September         All Students                             Full Day

Friday, 3 September               All Students                              Full Day


*All dates are provisional but will be confirmed in due course.

*A reopening email will be sent to all parents in early August.