The guidance process should help the student to develop and accept a full Personal, Social, Educational and Career awareness of her own personal talents and abilities. In this way, students learn to grow in independence and to make well informed decisions about their lives.


Ms Kennedy presented a Power Point Presentation to 6th Year Parents in October 2018.  She has prepared the following presentation for those who could not attend the meeting CAO 2019– Click link to access 

Click on the following link to access the Power Point Presentation given to Parents  on Monday, 13 March 2017 re. Subject Choices for Senior Cycle – Subject choice 2017 [Read-Only]


Details Re. the HEAR and DARE Schemes – click link to open Presentation HEAR/DARE Scheme – Disability Access Scheme where students may apply for College on reduced points


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The school’s Guidance Counsellor is Ms. Patricia Kennedy.

Click on the following link to access the Study Skills Presentation from the recent Study Seminar: Study Skills Parents Presentation


Junior Cycle Programme

Transition Year Programme – Careers Module

Careers Inventory Tests and Personality tests including those available on

Opportunities available on leaving school

  • National Framework of Qualifications Levels 1-10 – NQAI
  • Requirements for Third level institutions
  • College Requirements
    • NUI
    • Trinity College
    • DCU / UL / DIT / Institutes of Technology
  • Faculty Requirements
  • Points
  • CAO and its alternatives
    View Powerpoint  CAO presentation 2014  (2.5mb)
  • FETAC Links
  • PLC Colleges and Courses available
  • Apprenticeships –
  • Scholarships / Grants – &

Information on a variety of career areas to include

Each student is encouraged to explore areas of career interest. Through appropriate research, using ICT and resources available in the Careers Library, each student is expected to submit a Project on one area of interest in relation to a chosen career.

Related Activities

  • Visit to St. Vincent’s Hospital for Medical Careers Day
  • Preparation for the world of work: C.V.’s, Application forms, Letters of Application, Interview Techniques
  • ‘Be Real Game’

Senior Cycle Programme

  • Assist in the successful transition from Junior Cycle to Senior Cycle
  • Implication of Levels at which subjects are taken in relation to career choice
  • Training in the use of ICT in Educational Guidance / Career Choice
    • Career Interest Inventories, Personality Tests and Career areas are researched using ICT.

CAO and its alternatives are outlined and explained to students. An Information Evening on this topic is held for 6th Year Parents.

Preparation for the World of Work – C.V.’s, Application Forms, Letters of Application, Interview skills.

  • Mock interviews are offered to all 6th Year students and carried out in March by parties from the relevant career areas

Guest Speakers – Guest speakers from Various Universities, Institutes of Technology, Post-Leaving Certificate Colleges and career areas are invited to address interested students.

Study skills, Examination Technique, Motivation, Stress Management.

One to one Career Guidance Interviews with Leaving Certificate students.

Personal Guidance and Support for all students.

Useful Websites