The School Chaplain/Care Team



Ms Elizabeth Cronin is the School Chaplain in Loreto College, Swords. The care of each student in all aspects of her well being is central to us in Loreto College Swords. Each First Year student is matched with a Sixth Year student in a Big Sister Programme. It is her responsibility to help students with their day-to-day problems and to develop the morale and general well-being of the group.

A Year Head has over-all responsibility for the class groups in each year and will be the first point of contact for parents. Appointments can be made to meet the Year Head, if necessary, by telephoning the school. The chaplain works in close co-operation with the Principal, R.E. Dept, Year Heads, Guidance Counsellor and Tutors.

Working with the relevant staff she helps develop faith, worship and school ethos. She responds to the needs of staff, students and parents.
The chaplain is available in the school each morning from 8.20 a.m to 8.45. She guides and facilitates morning prayer in the school oratory between 8.30 an 8.45 am each morning. She is responsible for arranging mass to be celebrated once a week in the school oratory by the sacramental school chaplain.

She attends the meeting of the incoming first year parents in January of each year. She meets the First years on their arrival at their various assemblies in September. She meets all First year students separately in the course of the first half term. She sees any students who are in troubles, bereaved or having difficulties. These meetings are by appointment, arranged between the chaplain and the class teacher. The chaplain trains a small group of Leaving Cert students as Special Eucharistic Ministers. They assist at school masses and will help in their own parishes with the permission of the local priest. Together with the R.E. team she will help prepare masses for the opening of the school year, for 6th year Graduation and other liturgical services in the school.