One of the Central tenets of the Loreto Philosophy of Education is ‘to liberate, empower and motivate students to use their individual talents with confidence, creativity and generosity of spirit’.  Giving students actual leaderships roles in the school is one of the ways in which we, as a teaching staff, strive to promote and develop skills of leadership and responsibility in our students.

It is this tradition that the 6th Year Leadership Committee is set up each year in our school and the liaison person to assist students, to delegate roles and to give out jobs is the Deputy Principal, Ms Sharon Gunn.  The duties involved include assisting in the running of the school during break times by ensuring that students leave and enter the school in an orderly fashion, by overseeing clean-up duties and by being available for students.  The Committee also assist during Parent/Teacher Meetings and other school functions such as prize-giving, 6th Year Graduation and other such celebrations.

Head Girl Laura O’Dwyer and Deputy Head Girl Brooke Butler


Leadership Committee 2023/24