‘Good Relationships will mature where there is a Healthy Discipline’

This Code of Behaviour will respond to changing circumstances and you will be notified if there are any amendments.

‘Discipline creates an environment which assists the self-development of the pupil. Based on a sense of human dignity and freedom, the discipline envisaged in not mere external order. Qualities such as unselfishness, self-control, respect for persons, are developed, and these human qualities lead to the development of a fully integrated person’.

Close co-operation with parents is important.

Initiative is encouraged and opportunities provided for positive leadership. The purpose of each school rule is explained to the pupils. Suitable sanctions are discussed at meetings of class tutors, year heads, Deputy-Principal and Principal.

The school regards aggressive behaviour that is systematic and ongoing as bullying. Bullying behaviour is firmly addressed in accordance with the school’s “Procedures for dealing with Allegations of Bullying Behaviour”.

The most important school regulations are available here – Click here for Link to Code-of-Behaviour-Reviewed Feb 2024

In the implementation of these regulations we expect co-operation from parents.

Anti-Bullying policy 2022