Covid Awareness

March 2022 Advice has changed in Relation to Covid and in particular to Close Contact:

If you are a close contact of COVID-19

If you are a close contact of a person that tests positive for COVID-19 (coronavirus), you should:

watch out for symptoms of COVID-19

Take extra care to follow the advice on protecting others from COVID-19, in case you have the virus.

In terms of Attending school, you should not attend if you have symptoms of Covid (even if you test negative) –

If you have No symptoms of Covid and you test Negative you can attend school but you should wear a mask.

For further clarification please refer to HSE regulations.

The Symptoms of Covid-19

High Temperature


Shortness of Breath or Breathing difficulties

Loss of smell, of taste or distortion of taste

Sore Throat

Cold-like Symptoms

Staff and Students Should Not attend school if displaying Symptoms.



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