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First Year 2023 2024

Second Year 2023 2024

Third Year 2023 2024

Fourth Year 2023 2024 

Fifth Year 2023 2024

Sixth Year 2023 2024

A scheme operates whereby the Department of Education allocates limited fund to assist necessitous students each year. For the purpose of the scheme, a necessitous pupil is a pupil from a home where genuine hardship exists because of unemployment, prolonged illness of parent, large family with inadequate means, a single parent family with inadequate means  or other circumstances which would connote a similar degree of domestic financial hardship.    Please note you must submit receipts for books purchased together with form before the closing date of 1 Sept 2023 – no late applications can be accepted. Forms submitted without receipts can not be processed.  If you wish to apply for the Book Subsidy Grant you can download the form here


  Please note fees must be paid via Vsware Fees – lockers/journals will be distributed to all students on payment

of the Administration Fee.