Transition Year Class 2018/19



Sarah Barron was presented with a Certificate from the Law Society of Ireland upon completion of a programme she undertook during transition year – well done to Sarah

Junk Kouture – We are delighted to say we had a visit from Junk Kouture on Thursday, 7 Feb who presented one of our students with a Silver Ticket which means they are now through to the Regional Finals in the Helix.  Jason Patrice came along to surprise the girls – the other students will have to wait until Thursday evening to see if they too will progress to the finals.  Well done to all the students on their hard work!  Click here for photos

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The Students are getting ready for the Annual Junk Kouture Competition – the standards of the dresses this year is amazing and we have high hopes for the students as they wait to see if they get a place in this years Regional Finals – well done girls! 

picc picb picd


The Transition Students had a Mini Company Craft fair on Friday, 30 November 2018.  The TY Mini Companies hosted their Christmas Market in the School Hall.  The event was very successful with each group making the most of the opportunity to sell their products to both staff and students. 



 Ms Mary Gorman has produced a Power Point Presentation that you can access via this link – be sure to use your cursor to zoom in and out on each box and put your speakers on for sound – we are sure you will find the presentation very helpful.  Click Here

Transition year is provided as an optional course each year to a limited number of students. We have received very positive feedback from students, parents and others who have already experienced the programme. It is seen as a worthwhile and realistic programme while fulfilling the following basic aims:

  1. Providing a transition between junior and senior cycle.
  2. Introducing a new range of experiences which traditional exam orientated courses cannot include.
  3. Laying the foundation for further study in Senior Cycle and third level, for adult education and lifelong learning.
  4. To introduce students actively to the world of work and work simulation and to help students decide on a suitable career.

A wide range of subjects are provided each year. These are categorised under Academic, Personal & Social Development and Vocational. The programme is reviewed on an annual basis with the introduction of new modules on a regular basis.

It is hoped that these studies will help students broaden their interests and that it will give them a chance to reach greater maturity for facing examinations and decisions about the future.

The success of the year is largely dependent on how much a student puts into the year and how they use their time in and out of school. Parents also play a big part by supporting their young people by trying to show interest in what they are doing, encouraging them to work on their own initiative and by keeping open communication.

Teachers feel that students who have done Transition Year stand out in Senior Cycle as being more mature and having a clearer sense of purpose and the incentive to work towards a goal.

Ms Mary Gorman, TY co-ordinator.



Having considered the facilities etc. available we have one Transition Year class of 30 pupils. The Department of Education state that no student who participates in a Transition Year Programme may have more than 6 years in a secondary school.