Loreto College is Awarded our Third Green Flag – May 2021

Green Team – Well done to the members of our Green Team and their teacher Ms Colette McCaughey on their new Green Flag for Water Conservation.  This is our Third Flag following on from our  Waste management/Recycling and Energy Conservation.  It takes a lot of hard work not only to earn a new award but also to keep the two previous awards -this is a great achievement to be awarded a third green flag – well done to all our students on their hard work!  Click here for photos




Members of the Green School Team who held a special Green Schools Day on Tuesday, 20 November 2018.  As part of their initiative they organised a clean up of the school grounds and also put up posters explaining the importance of ‘being green’.  Thanks to Ms Collette McCaughey who is the Green School co-ordinator.


We are delighted to announce that Loreto College, Swords was awarded their Second Green Flag!

A Ceremony took place on Wednesday, 26 May 2017 in DCU and three students from the Green Team and Ms Mary Gorman who co-ordinates the Green Team initiative in the school went to collect our second green flag.  The flag was for all the work the school has engaged in over the year for energy conservation – we were also audited a number of weeks ago in relation to our waste management/recycling and were successful in keeping our first green flag.

Click here to see photos of the occasion

Thanks to all the girls from the Green Team, to Ms Mary Gorman for all her hard work and to all the students and staff who work together to achieve two green flags!



Members of Our Green Team with Green Team Co-Ordinator Ms Mary Gorman

As part of our Green Schools Project

Loreto College, Swords are currently working

on obtaining our Second Green Flag for Energy Conservation.

Monday, 29 February is our Energy Conservation Day with the motto ‘Switch it Off’

Ms Gorman and members of the Green Team produced a videoclick here to watch

Academic Year 2015/16  The Green Team have been working very hard over the last few weeks working particularly hard to submit our application for our second green flag for Energy.

6056176_orig[1]Click here for Newsletter green schools

Over the last 16 months we’ve been raising awareness amongst students and teachers alike in regards to energy management and conservation.

A series of initiatives from our Action Plan have been rolled out over the last year and this year following our environmental review. These initiatives were subdivided over –

  • Heating,
  • Lighting,
  • Information Technology e.g. computers, laptops, projectors and visualizers
  • Electrical items throughout the school e.g. vending machines, photocopiers and boilers.

Within in our target areas we also focused on opportunities that were based on;

  1. Changing people attitudes towards heat and energy
  2. Technical improvements to our electrical systems and appliances as well as application and approval for the replacement of our single glazed glass roof to a double glazed one and the covering of our open air atriums.
  3. Managerial involvement and policy making regarding review of our insulation, boilers, electrical systems, budgets and A rated appliance policy.

From clicking on the following link you will see what our aims and achievements so far have been:

  • Click here for Link

    Here is just a sample of our electrical savings we are delighted to see that we are achieving and surpassing our initial targets – view link by Click here for Link

    Academic Year 2014/2015

    Bin it Campaign   A talk was organised for our First Year Students and TY  re. the proper disposal of waste and with particular emphasis on the disposal of chewing gum.  The students found the talk to be very informative and fun and have gone away with a new appreciation of waste disposal.   Thanks to Mr Michael Behan who organised the talk and to Ms Mary Gorman who organised on the day.   Click here for some photos


We are Delighted to announce that Loreto Swords has earned it’s First Green Flag – well done to all the Green Team Committee, Mr Michael Behan and to all our students who made this possible.   We hope this is the first of many!


Loreto College, Swords is delighted to be a part of the Green School Programme and we have a group of very enthusiastic students from all class groups participating this year.   The students have had a very busy start to the year and have conducted an online Survey in which they asked over 200 students what they thought about recycling in general and how they felt Loreto College, Swords handles its recycling programme.  Following on from the survey the students introduced clear waste bins for paper as it was apparent that some students were disposing of non-recyclable materials into the wrong bins.

One of the key success factors of the Green-Schools programme is that it is a themed programme. That is, schools undertaking the programme work through the seven steps one theme at a time. The themes in sequence are:  (Click on each link below for more information)

1. Litter & Waste      Undertaken in 2013/14 and Green Flag Awarded to school for successful completion, ongoing.

2. Energy – This Academic Year’s Programme for 2014/15

3. Water

4. Travel

5. Biodiversity

6. Global Citizenship – Litter & Waste

Loreto College, Swords hopes to achieve its First Green Flag this Year.  Thanks to all our Students taking part and a special thanks to Mr Michael Behan who is co-ordinating the programme and to 5th Year Students Ciara O’Neill and Eve O’Malley.  Please do check back for updates on our progress as the year goes on!