A very Special Week took place in the college from 18 to 22 October inclusive as we celebrated ‘Friendship Week’

These poems were written during ‘Friendship Week’ by 1st year students in Ms. Parker’s English class, 1R.




Many activities took place over the course of the week – we had a DJ every morning before first class with upbeat songs and shout outs, a Friendship Tree on the concourse with posters and displays, a Quiz for all the students to take part in, hot chocolate served by the students themselves to their fellow students, Drama, Big Sister/Little Sister Friendship bracelets and a Staff V’s student Dodgeball match – which we have to say was won by the students!  All in all a most enjoyable week and we hope new friendships have been forged this week.  Thanks to the many staff and students who put so much work into the events.  Click here for photos




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Friendship Week 18 to 22 October