Re-opening Arrangements for 2014/15  – click on link

Administration Fee 2014/15  – Click link for details of fee and dates for collection of same

The Academic Calendar for 2014/15 is currently being organised – dates for events will not be ready until September but dates for midterm breaks, parent/teacher meetings have been finalised – please be aware all dates are subject to change.  You can find the Calendar by clicking here Calendar 2014/2015


The Booklists are now Available and can be downloaded by clicking here:

Booklist 2014 First Year

Booklist 2014 Second Year

Booklist 2014 Third Year

Booklist 2014 Transition Year

Booklist 2014 – Fifth Year Revised

Booklist 2014 Sixth Year

Re.Opening Arrangements, Calendar 2014/15, Admin Fee Collection