Read a report of the Transition Year trip to Irish Aid, written by Katie Dempsey TY:

Irish Aid Centre, O'Connell Street

It began with us being shown a movie made about a girl who lived in a Developing Country and though she was 18, she was still in primary school.  Despite this she still had big dreams – to become a doctor.  Even though she was very poor she was still such a positive person.

Next we had a guided tour around the facilities and looked at the walls which contained information such as the type of food that people in Malawi eat and also of people who got out of extreme poverty. There was also a big board that containing facts like the transport system and the houses that people live in and how the houses are built.

Finally, we were brought to a little room where we put into groups of four.  There, we found a packet under our chair and it had food and other cards. We were then given a summary of what our groups were and told that it was a game where would have to trade the cards for basic things e.g. education and transport.  It was hard trading the cards for these things. Overall I enjoyed the trip. Thanks to Ms.Sheelan and Sr.Margaret for bringing us.

Katie Dempsey TY

For more information on the work of Irish Aid, see their website:

Irish Aid Trip