During May 2021, Loreto College Swords will virtually and collectively travel the perimeter of Ireland!
3171 km !!

We are delighted to announce that  Four new prefabs have been provided by the Department of Education and Skills and that they are currently being installed onsite.  We are fundraising in order to furnish our four new prefabs with new furniture and computers and to have them ready for our students in September – we are delighted to have this extra accommodation and we want to have the very best for our girls.  We thank the Department of Education for providing the four new classrooms and the Parents’ Association for organising this fundraiser.

DSCF5446 DSCF5448

Let’s get moving and help your school!

Students from 1st Year to  5th Year will each cover 5km.
Distance to be completed by Fri 14th May (distance may be completed in one session or several smaller ones).

Sponsorship cards are being distributed by the school from Wed 4th May and should be returned by 14th May.

All activities must be done following all public health advice and current Covid restrictions.

Organised by Loreto Swords Parents Association.

Lets Get Moving Poster

Lets Get Moving Fundraiser