In the Spirit of Mary Ward,
Loreto College, Swords is a caring, enabling, learning community
where staff and students work together with mutual respect
to fulfil their God-given potential with integrity, compassion, and a sense of humour
in the generous pursuit of a just world. 



‘Length of Days is Not what Makes Age Honourable Nor Number of Years the Measure of Life’ – Garden of Remembrance in our School Grounds


Our school recognises that each student is unique and has different gifts as well as different needs.

Our wish is to enable the release of this positive potential within each student by offering a relevant curriculum in a school community characterised by care and justice.

We do not regard our school as just an education establishment but, rather, a truly Christian community where the total curriculum aims to promote the growth and development of each student.

We recognise that each student’s development is closely linked to a good self image and thus we emphasize the pursuit of excellence appropriate to each student so that she may develop, to the full, the particular abilities received from God.

We urge special concern for those who are emotionally, materially or intellectually disadvantaged.

Although we acknowledge that it is important for all students to strive to do well in public examinations, we do not wish preparation for such examinations to narrow the thrust of education to the accumulation of knowledge.

We encourage pupil involvement in decision-making and in projects directed towards student welfare, so that all share more fully in promoting the school’s basic philosophy.

We would like to develop in our students attitudes and skills which may help them to cope effectively with continuing change which is a feature of our society. Within the curriculum, activities are designed to aid in the development of interpersonal and communication skills.

It is our wish that our students leave us with life-skills and attitudes which will enable them to lead lives satisfying to themselves and lives which may contribute to society.