Junior Cycle Uniform

Tartan Skirt

  • 2 White Blouses
  • Green round-neck Jumper (At Senior Cycle students change to a Navy Jumper)
  • Navy or Black shoes with low heels. – NO BOOTS or RUNNERS or Canvas Shoes
  • School Jacket and/or School Blazer
  • Green/navy knee socks or flesh coloured tights
  • School scarf.
    (Available from Pat O’Farrell’s Schoolswear)
  • College Tracksuit
  • Shorts
  • Socks – 2 pairs

No Non-Uniform Items of Clothing allowed.

Senior Cycle Uniform
Senior Cycle Uniform

Jewellery Rules

  • 1 Ring allowed on either right or left hand
  • 1 Pair of earrings, preferably studs or sleepers – one earring in each ear only
  • No other jewellery allowed.

Jewellery in excess of the above may be confiscated and given to designated staff member who will return the jewellery at the end of the year directly to the student or parent may call to collect same. Parents will be requested to come to the school to collect any confiscated non-uniform items also.

No outrageous hair styles and/or hair colouring allowed.  Students are expected to wear school uniform and any damage to cuffs on jumpers etc. to be repaired.