Science Week runs from 9 to 16 November 2014.  The Science Department hope to promote the relevance of Science in our everyday lives and at the same time make is enjoyable and accessible to all our students.  Throughout the week, the Science Department has organised a riddle question for each day.  This is open to all students who can then enter their results at the end of the week (Fri, 14 Nov).  A lunch time game ‘periodic pressure’ will take place each day to encourage students to test their knowledge on what they know about the elements.  Third Years will take part in a ‘Science Quiz’ on Friday.  The Science Department would like to thank the following 5th Years students Amy McSweeney, Zara Lawler, Maria Rossiter, Chiamaka Okigbo and Miriam Ezumezu who are helping to organise and run the quiz.  We hope it will be a fun week for all!  Photos of the Events taking place will be uploaded during the week – be sure to click back!


Power of Science Week!