Tuesday March 15th, 2016 is Proclamation Day. This is the day when every school in the country was invited to share the results of their Proclamation for a New Generation, and all other creative projects relating to 1916 that the student body have developed.
Is Lá an Fhorógra é Dé Máirt, an 15 Márta 2016. Seo an lá nuair a roinnfidh gach scoil sa tír a Forógra do Ghlúin Nua, chomh maith le gach tionscadal cruthaitheach eile bainteach le 1916 atá forbartha ag na mic léinn.
Loreto Swords have organised events for Tuesday to mark the occasion to include the rising of the Irish Tri-colour.  Click here for photos
Our Fifth Year students describe the events of the night before Joseph Mary Plunkett was executed for his part in the 1916 Rising. Grace Gifford’s great, great, great niece is a student in our school.
Proclamation Day 15 March 2016 – With Sound