Science week is an annual event which takes place every November(11th – 17th). The theme for Science week this year was Climate change. We celebrated Science week in our school with numerous events for students.  Harry Potter potions experiments took place during lunch time on Monday and Tuesday. Transition year students held an experiment fair for first year students on Thursday.All second year students completed a Science Quiz based on 1st year material(14th November). This quiz was an enjoyable way for students to recap various parts of the science course that they completed in first year.  Well done to the following students who came first: Merlin Binu, Hezamary Paul, Jesna Joby and Ann Joshua.  Well done to the following students who came second: Aoife Duffy, Sarah Fitzgerald, Milana Plinta. Well done to the following students who came third: Becky McCloskey, Deirbhile Scott, Shauna Kirwan Kelly and Sadhbh Beirne.  The science department would like to thank the following 5th years for organising & running the quiz Ashly Byju, Cecilia Luan, Chloe Delaney Mallin, Caoimhe Duignan, Jade Mulligan Martin, Gwynette Odiete, Crystal Okenwa, Angelica Perez Perez, Samantha Teresko & Shona Walsh. Each day a Science riddle was placed on the notice board outside the labs. The Science Department would like to thank all students who took part in attempting the riddles daily. Well done to the following students who successfully attempted the riddles each day: Christine Oladipo (3g), Alyson McMahon (6s), Ann Joshua (2q), Aisling Dempsey (5Q), Hezamary Paul (2q), Aoife O’Keffe(6s), Joelle Tierney (6s), Sarah Fitzgerald (2r), Agnel Jimmy (2g), Aisling Pedreschi McMahon (3s), Clara Boland (2s), Ysha Briendel Tejada (2r), Katherine O’Donnell(1r) and Aoife Duffy (2r). Well done to all the students who participated & celebrated Science week!


DSCF1763 DSCF1837 DSCF1852

Gaeilge 24 took place on Wednesday, 13 November and was very well supported by the students – a day of speaking in Irish and a giant Ceili organised in the PE Hall. Thanks to the Irish teachers for organising the event and to all the students who took part.  


Science Week & Gaeilge 24