Seven students represented Loreto college swords in Sci-fest in DCU on May 8th  under the guidance of their science teachers, Ms. Kilcawley & Ms. Lynn. Sci-fest is a STEM  initiative that fosters inquiry based learning among second-level students. Congratulations to Esha Sibi  Mathew (2g) as she was awarded the Sci-fest Chemistry trophy and congratulations to Erin Hardie (1q) as she received the Huawei communication trophy.

Well done to all seven girls, Anoosha Khan (1g), Lauren Harford (1q), Erin Hardie (1q), Áine Kearns (2r),

Simona Jokubauskaite (2r), Esha Sibi Mathew (2g) & Sneha Binu (4y) for taking part in sci-fest!

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SciFest Competition Winners