The sixth year art students, accompanied by their teacher Ms Niamh Lacey and Ms Karen Parker recently …

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As part of our art course, we went on a trip to learn about paintings, Irish historical items and modern art.  We started the morning by visiting Trinity College where we went to see The Book Of Kells.  We learned where it came from, and the amount of detailed handwork that went into writing and decorating it.

Next, we visited the National Art Museum where we learned about the beginning of the Renaissance right up to the Impressionism. We learned about Irish artists like Yeats. We also learned about how paintings are restored and the process that it takes to do it.

Ms Lacey with sixth year art class

Lastly, we visited IMMA – The Irish Museum Of Modern Art – where we got to look at an exhibition by Rivane Nevenschwander Called A Day Like Any Other. Here we became more aware of film as art, Things people made out of Rubbish, Portraits of peoples first loves and Ribbons. We got to partake in a project where you take a ribbon with someone wish on it and tie it around your wrist. You wear the ribbon until it falls off and then that person wish comes true. You then write your own wish and place it in the hole where the ribbon was for it to be made into a Ribbon. The trip was very enjoyable and interesting. We all got to take something new in and got to take part in a meaningful project.


Sixth Year Art Trip