Holocaust Survivor Tomi Reichental – we were honoured to welcome Mr Tomi Reichental into the college on Wednesday, 23 April 2015 to give a talk on his experiences during the war and what happened to him and his family in the Holocaust.  Our 5th and 6th Year students were given a talk by Mr Reichental and an opportunity to ask questions.   “I never spoke about the ​Holocaust for over 55 years – I ​just ​couldn’t talk about it.​ My wife died ​12​ years ago – I never ​even​ told her the horror​s​ I went through.”     These ​are the words of ​Tomi Reichental​ – ​one of only three remaining​ ​survivors​ of Hitler’s mass extermination plan for the Jews – now​ living in Ireland.   Click for Photos


Welcome to Mr Tomi Reichental, Holocaust Survivor